When You Choose Simply the Best of Classic Cars

There are times when the original motor has been replaced for various reasons. It may be that it has been broken or the owner has decided to mount a more powerful engine. Find out the reason, but in one case or another, our recommendation is that you opt for the original equipment, if it is in good condition, of course. Now Clasiq unveils.

Tips for buying a classic car: mileage

The fewer kilometers, the better

That seems clear, although with caveats. Do not trust a classic car with very few kilometers, you can have a peculiar history and have not moved it too much, but the most common is that the odometer has been manipulated. Do not discard cars with many kilometers if they are well cared for, maintained and documented.

Tips for buying a classic car: documentation

It is vital that all documentation is in order. It is important that there is evidence of the owners of the car; whether you make the purchase to a private individual or to a purchase or specialized company. Ask the seller for all the information he can provide, including maintenance books, invoices, possible traffic reports. Also, check that the frame number matches the one that is reflected on the papers: if not, run away.

Tips for buying a classic car: spare parts

Believe it or not, this is something vital when it comes to buying our classic car. There are certain models in which it is very difficult to find spare parts. This is a very important problem if we have a problem with our copy. It is advisable to study the brand and the model and dive over the internet to make sure that it is not difficult to achieve certain elements that are likely to break. If our choice is a classic car too exclusive, the problem multiplies.

Renault 8 TS against Audi R8: Renault 8 front

Sometimes it is difficult to find a classic car of a certain age in its original state, so sometimes restored units are sold. This is not bad ‘per se’, but it is advisable that you inform yourself of how this restoration has been made, who has carried it out (there are specialized companies or certain individuals who are real artists) and if spare parts have been used original or not. The negotiation of the price will be greatly influenced by the answers to these questions.

Tips for buying a classic car: the weird, cool

The special versions, either in the form of limited editions or special requests from the client, make a classic increase in value in a greater way over time. But, as we say to you above, it can cause you problems with the spare parts. In this sense, sports cars and convertibles are more exclusive variants (and less produced), but they can have other problems added: mistreated engines or leakage problems.

What to check

Obviously you have to do a thorough visual review of the entire car that you are going to buy to avoid obvious defects. However, here are some tricks to discover possible problems that do not appear in plain sight.


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