What are the different steps of building an armored vehicle?

Armoring a vehicle is all about gearing up the automobile whether a car, bus or truck to become bulletproof and resistant to any kind of explosives. These are the most uniquely designed highly expensive automobile that has no connection with the mere remodeling of cars, trucks or buses. The armored vehicles are primarily driven or ridden by bureaucrats, politicians, VVIPs such as the POTUS, Pope or the royal family members. Troy Armoring company holds a unique position of its own for designing and building some of the world-class armored automobiles. When you’re on the verge of collaborating with such a company for building some of the robust armored vehicles whether for personal use or for governmental such as military- then make sure you’ve done ample research before accepting the tender.

Here are a few significant steps followed for building armored vehicles

Closed-door meeting

As it’s a matter of intense security whether of any person or thing the meetings between the professionals and the clients are executed in an impenetrable confidential place. You should keep that in mind that none should discuss the project outside the closed doors as when it comes to security- the walls also have ears. So, keep it close among a few of your confidantes and the representatives of the armoring company you have finalized.  

A thorough discussion matters

During this course of time, let them know about your priorities. Let them also speak up about the issues they might face or even if they have an any better idea which can be implemented for a better outcome. Discuss and make things clear so that you can have a sophisticated armored vehicle.

Designing & approval

After having a thorough discussion with you and your team, the armoring company will produce a design of the vehicle or the fleet on their highly sophisticated software and will wait for your approval. You need to go through the in and outs of the whole draft with your security team and make sure whether it’s going to be the perfect mammoth automobile.


Considering the approved designs the budget is settled. Make sure- you have approved with the price that is just. If you want- you have the option to take a second opinion.

Additional accessories

Let the armoring company engineers know about the additional accessories you want inside the vehicle. Armored cars are supremely luxurious automobiles with plush seats and fine leather interiors along with your chosen entertainment system.

Finally, the testing is done and the car is delivered.

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