Tips to Achieve the Best mileage in your Bike

In today’s modern world, people have a lot of options for selecting the best mileage bike. The mileage plays an important role in both bike and a scooter in India. Nowadays, most of the people love to drive bikes, motorcycles and street bikes. Everyone has loved to drive his or her bike fast; but the mileage is the key factor for achieving the maximum speed. Mileage is considered as a strong decision maker, therefore, most of the owners are theft their bike with no value. The people have to concentrate more on the mileage while going to buy a car or bike. Let see some of the important things about the mileage of your vehicle:

Achieve the best mileage:

  • Smooth driving:

The fuel consumption of your bike can be rapidly increased due to the sudden acceleration or de-acceleration. The mileage of your bike can be achieved through the smooth acceleration and de-acceleration.

  • Reduce idling:

The people have to switch off the engine if your bike is in the stationary position or if you are going to waiting in the red light. Your fuel consumption can be increased by high speed riding in a lower ride or slow riding in a higher gear. The rider has to shift the gear up and down, according to the speed of the riding. The idle shift point for most of the bike is near 4000 – 5000 rpm (Rotation per minute). Nowadays, most of people prefer the best mileage bike in India 150cc.

  • Additional weight:

First, you have to remove the additional weight of your bike. If your bike engine gets more strained due to the extra weight means, the fuel consumption is increased.

  • Perfect tire pressure:

Most of the bike manufactures recommended you to maintain the proper tire pressure while riding. Your bike manual will help you find the correct tire pressure.

  • Elude clutch riding:

Half pressing of the clutch can increase the strain of your bike engine, it will lead to high fuel consumption. You have to use the clutch while changing your gears.

  • Better petrol pump:

You have to choose the petrol pump with less fuel consumption. Good quality petrol pump will help you to reduce your fuel consumption from 8 to 10%.

  • Elude traffic jams:

While planning your trips, you have to choose the traffic free roads; it will also help to reduce fuel consumption and increases the mileage of your bike. Most of the riders concentrate on the best mileage bike in India 150cc.

  • Warm up your bike engine:

Most of the bike manufactures recommended you to warm up your engine, to maintain your engine condition. If you are riding your bike with a cold engine, it will create big damages to the bike engine and piston. The mileage of your bike is rapidly decreased due to the low lubrication.

  • Alternate engine oil:

Manufacturers have recommended you to change the engine oil regularly. At the same time, you have to prefer genuine oil for keeping the engine cool and reduce the friction loss.

Thus, these are all the important factors you have to follow if you want to improve the mileage of your bike.

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