Things to See in Lake Toba

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The primary method of transport is by boat and it costs around $1 USD each excursion. Employing a motorcycle can be a chance, however remember that the roads are not very well-paved and it’s going to become a bumpy ride. For nearby trips, a bicycle is also an option and you may discover a few places to lease these.

Lake Toba is mostly typically desired for its tranquil beauty, however you’ll also find a lot to see and do. Listed below are some range of the favorite things to see at Lake Toba:


TukTuk is the middle of bulk of this tourism on Samosir Island. It’s a fantastic place to walk around, shop and catch some amazing views of Lake Toba.


Tomok is approximately 5km from TukTuk and it’s a quieter area where one will experience the more culture. There is great food as well as many stalls where one could find memorabilia for more affordable costs than in TukTuk. You might also check out the grave of King Sidabutur while you are here he is very important to the now-Christian local Batak tribe because he was the Batak King that introduced Christianity to his people.


Ambarita’so claim to fame is its rock chairs. These seats are around 300 years old and therefore are regarded as remnants of a type of criminal courtroom where the fates of criminals were determined. In case you’re okay exploring the morbid elements of background, find yourself a manual and research — the manual will clarify that severe crimes back then were coped with both serious punishments.

Ambarita stone seats

As the previous punishment, offenders were beheaded and their bodies were thrown into Lake Toba. But before that — his lifeless body has been chopped up and portions of the flesh are cooked with buffalo meat. The’dinner’ was then served to the council that paired the’supper’ with some of the sufferer’s blood.

The stone chairs, the location where the offenders were kept, in addition to the boulder on that prisoners were beheaded are still there today — Ambarita is shocking and blood-chilling, but it’s well worth checking out.

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