Solid industrial Rubber Tires for a tough job in heavy industries

Material handling machines, wheel loaders, & Telehandlers require solid industrial rubber tires for commercial load purpose. All brands and products used in Solid Industrial Rubber Tires are made with international standards to maintain the efficiency in the product.

SOLIDO super cushion solid tire contains many sizes of Solid rubber tires that are capable to fit for heavy load machines and wheel loader applications.

Applications of Solid Industrial Rubber Tires

The pattern of Industrial rubber is suitable for Industries of mining, concrete, debris, sand, mud, rock, scrap, steel, cement, & quarry.

All Solid Industrial Rubber Tires are designed to fit with wheel loaders like Volvo, CAT, HECON, Doosan, Tata Hitachi, Larsen Toubro L&T, Terex, John Deere, Kress, Volvo, Komatsu, Kamag, Kirow, MCC Rhc, Komatsu, Hindustan, Sdlg, Jcb, Liebherr, Tomac etc.,  

It is been designed to fit with earth moving markets & construction lines. It is been used in Recycling Industry.

It is possible to replace OTR tires to Solid Tires with the help of suitable rims.

Advantages of using Solid Industrial rubber Tires

  • All tires come with puncture resistant, it helps to balance the load without tension
  • It is economical
  • Easy to balance the load capacity
  • All tires are capable of handling a high load capacity
  • It gives long life for Tire
  • Easy to maintain

With the above-said advantage all Solid Industrial rubber tires ideal for airport vehicles, heavy lifting vehicles, and side-loading forklifts. It is suitable for any kind of trailers.

Top Quality Industrial Tires & its Types

Here are the set of top quality Industrial tires used for various purposes.

Fork Lift Tires, Press-on Tires, Pneumatic Tires, Polyurethane Tires, Golf Cart Tires, Skid Steer Tires, and Load Tires. All these tires are used for the tough job in heavy Industries.

Fork lift tires are designed with Solid Industrial rubber Tires and is directly presses to the wheel. It provides a smaller radius when it is fit to the ground provides maneuverability. It is highly on demand and most suitable for heavy loads.

Pneumatic Tires of Forklift tires are made with an air-filled rubber tire that consists of deep treading and made with a strong, vibrant and long-lasting rubber material. It gives long life to the tire and maintenance is economical.

Polyurethane Tires are made with premium grade materials for the manufacturing process. It is used in heavy duty caster wheels, forklift tires, roller skate wheels, etc.

Golf Cart Tires is a sawtooth tread designed for a smooth ride. These tires are usually 4 feet and 1000 pound tires specially designed for uplifting vehicles.  These tires are widely used by golfers. It is more stable and durable.

Load Tires are made with Solid Industrial rubber Tires for loading purposes. These tires are designed for higher strength suitable for heavy duty loads & constructions.  The ply rate of heavy duty tires caries with the range from 10 and goes up to 14 ply rate.


Special trailer service tires are also available in combination for Solid rubber Tires multiple load ranges. All Solid Industrial rubber Tires are designed with extreme loading capacity, user-friendly, maintenance free, & cost effective.

It helps for an extremely smooth drive with easy grips on the surface with load balance with the easy installation process. It is more convenient & comfortable to use for a tough job in heavy Industries.

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