Most common mistakes made by motorbike owners


There’s nothing like owning a motorcycle. It’s your pride and joy, and it should get just as much attention as the family (even if they say otherwise!). That means taking damned good care of it so that the two of you can spend many happy hours out on the road together. Not everyone knows how to, though, which leads to some almighty blunders by owners. Here are some of the most common mistakes motorcycle owners make:

Winterising the vehicle incorrectly
Some owners save their motorcycles for summer only. There’s nothing wrong with that, but they just drain the vehicle of fluid and think that’s the way to winterise the bike. You’ve got to lube up seals if you empty the fuel to stop them drying up; cover up the bike if it’s indoors; and plug up any exhaust pipes or other openings.

Failing to do regular, routine maintenance

Some owners try and cut costs on maintenance, but that’s never a good thing, especially if the bike is new and you’re just riding it into near oblivion. You should carry out maintenance work on your bike regularly, rather than wait until something goes wrong before you buy necessary parts or new motorbike accessories.

Forgetting to change the oil
If you don’t change your oil regularly, your bike will let you know about it later. Without a regular oil change, sludge may build up in the engine. The bike could also let you down when you’re riding in extreme cold or in the heat, since different parts of the engine come into contact with each other and will experience friction.

Riding cold
Starting up your bike and riding straight off into the sunset isn’t as cool a thing to do as it looks in the movies. It can damage valves, seals and other internals. Just like with other machines, you should give your two-wheeled wonder a little time to warm up first. Then you can make that big exit.

Stalling and rough shifting
Stalling and rough shifting are easy mistakes to make if you’re a beginner. From time to time, even an experienced rider might make them. Either way, they’re one of the worst mistakes to make and will do the clutch system and other components damage. If you’re riding in extreme cold or heat, you want to avoid these errors even more.

Leaving the motorcycle outdoors in extreme weather conditions
There may be times when you’ve got to leave the beast outside, and that’s okay provided that the weather conditions are moderate. If, however, the temperatures are really high or really low, you need to get your bike indoors and covered up. Leaving it outdoors could cause rust to spread, and you might find yourself investing in new parts or motorbike accessories sooner than you’d have preferred.

Look after your motorcycle, and you can get ready to experience many happy memories out on the road. Let’s ride!

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