How to Keep Your Car Battery in Good Shape

What can be worse, if everything else in your car is ready for a drive, except your car battery? The situation will inevitable bring you to the mess of calling and waiting for a mechanic to arrive, and if possible, you will in the mean while try to jump start your vehicle and try arrange for the cables and heading towards your local auto repair shop for an expensive replacement. If that has already scared you out of your wits, then better try these tips suggested by an experienced mechanic of the Phoenix Mazda service center, who happens to be my own trusted mechanic for years.

What Causes your Car Battery Die?

A dead battery can happen due to several factors. Starting with old age, usual wear and tear, a simple one time mistake of keeping either a door or the lights on. Sometimes in the recent cars, there are many electrical and convenience features that drain out the car battery, like phone chargers, audio systems, GPS devices etc.

Even though in due course of time, any car battery is bound to die off, however, with these few smart tips you can prolong the life of it.

Drive your Vehicle Regularly

Leaving your car parked for long period of time eventually cool down and drain out your car battery. It is rather frequently running the car, that will give the alternator the required scope to recharge the battery. So, even if you don’t have to take out your car to reach some destination, you need to turn the engine on in a couple of days, to allow the battery to stay charged.

Cleaning Up your Car Battery

Batteries can often get corroded and accumulate dirt. This works against its charging conditions. So it is always recommendable to keep the battery clean including its surrounding area. All you have to do is simple wiping down of the battery surface and the adjacent area to get rid of the dirt and grime.

Proper Insulation

Batteries can react differently to various temperatures. Any extremity of weather or surrounding temperature is harmful for the health of the car batteries. The best way to deal with this issue is to add a good quality insulation blanket to the battery that will protect it from the ill effects of extreme temperatures.

Be Gentle while Jump Starting

If you are at the middle of your journey and is unfortunately struggling with your dead battery, the only option stands out for you, is jump starting. But performing a jump start on a cold battery is quite harmful for the battery. Whereas jump starting a warmer one will won’t have any threat against its wellbeing. So, in case you have to jump start your car consider popping up the hood and rolling down your vehicle a bit in the sunlight, allow some time for the battery to warm up and then jump it.

For more suggestions on saving your car battery life, consult the experts at the Mazda dealership near Phoenix.

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