Goodyear manufactures tyres for automobiles, both for light and heavy duty trucks, motorcycle s, racing cars, SUVs, airplane wheels, and farm machineries.

It is one of the top tire manufacturing companies with over 60,000 employees across the six continents working to improve the innovations and development of tyre technologies for the sole aim of maximum satisfaction of millions of vehicle users worldwide.

Goodyear tyres has as a result, solidified their position as one of the leading authorized tyre dealers in Dubai. The American company which was founded in 1898 has deservedly achieved new hieghts in technological brilliance in road grip, texture and design in their products.

They are ideally designed to withstand extreme heat, cold and wet weather conditions alike. They also perform well without reducing the quality and comfortability it so offers to savouring costumers. When thinking about buying tyres in UAE , think of Goodyear.

They are entirely made with fine rubber which has been proven to perform excellently in both contemporary and sporting vehicles.

Offering different sizes and unique tread designs, Dubai tyre shop is the place to get some for your car.

With Goodyear Tyre at Dubaityreshop , it is easy to discover an array of informative tips on how to purchase one for any car model of your choice. Form Mercedes, Ford, and Honda, to BMW, Peugeot and also SUV products.

Below is a formal breakdown of Goodyear tyre products ranging from small customary vehicles to trucks and loaders.



Assurance TripleTred All Season, TripleMax, ComforTred Touring, Fuel Max, CS Fuel Max (SUV), CS TripleTred All-season (SUV)
Fortera(SUV) Silent Armor, TripleTread,HL, SL
Wrangler (truck) Silent Armor, All Terrain Adventure, AT/R, AT/S, AT/SA, RS/A, RS/A, RT/S, SR-A, TG, HP, HP AW, MTR, Dura Trac, Dura Grip, Radial.
Efficient Grip (Summer Tyres) Efficient Grip Performance

Efficient Grip Compact

Eagle  F1, F1 Asyum SUV, F1 Supercar, F1 GS-D3, F1 Directional 5, F1 Asyum(2&3), Efficient Grip, Efficient Grip Performance.


Trucks Cargo G26, Marathon, Marathon 2, Vector, & Vector 2.

Fuel Max, Duraseal

Off-Road Tyres Articulated Dump Truck, Rigid Haulage Truck, Mobile Crane, Scaper, Port & Container Handling, Dozer and Loader, Mine Service, Motor Grader.
ATV Tyres Rawhide Camo & MT/R
RV Tyres Unisteel Series, Wrangler HT, Marathon.



When chosing a particular type, you should know that is meant to satisfy the requirement of your safety as well as your comfort with important features like road grip, friction and endurance of any weather.

As the saying goes, “not all tryes are made for everyone”. It should always deoend on your driving style. A racer needs a high performance tyre brand for sharper turns and faster momentum. A truck or heavy duty driver needs a larger tyre size with sturdier treading. Then there is the regular driver who deserves a luxurious experience with quality tyres of his needs.

You can know more about this by simply contacting the provided help center numbers +971 5562 69517 /+971 54420 4322 or click on the official website feedback

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